The Sliding window and door systems consist of two or more sash shutters which slide on frames with tracks. The most common type of sliding system is the two and half-track system which consists of two glass shutters and one fly mesh shutter. The two and half-track system can also be arranged in four shutter combinations with fly mesh. And at last, there is always an option to exclude the mesh by using a two-track system which is similar to the two and half-track system except for the deducted half mesh track. Also, mesh provision can be provided in which the frame system will consist of two and half-track but fly mesh shutter would not be provided which could be applied later depending on usage.

Our sliding doors and windows sash are slightly raised above the aluminum-clad track for smooth sliding, preventing dust from settling down in the track. Sliding windows are ideal for homes that require a space economy.


  1. Opening width up to 6 m.
  2. Up to 6 movable shutters can be arranged in any desired combination.
  3. Ball-bearing rollers give smooth running.
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SOHOM offers two ranges of sliding systems for doors and windows. They are classified as Bella Sliding Series and the New Slide Sliding series.

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