Bella Sliding Series

With the product range of the Bella sliding system, the most accurate solutions have been created with specific details. This system includes 4 different frame profiles including two track sliding frames, two-track sliding frames with inbuilt fly screen rail, Mono fix, and slide frame and three-track slide frames. Bella sliding sash profiles offer two different options i.e. Sliding window and Sliding door which have been aesthetically designed to provide a wider view. If preferred, 20mm Double Glazing or 6.38 mm Single Glazing laminated glass applications can be used.


During the design of the system, various features were added to the products aiming to increase the insulation of sliding windows and doors. With the application of adding gaskets instead of brushes in the sliding sash profiles, the air permeability of openings has been reduced and as a result, better insulation has been achieved. With gaskets also been introduced in the interlock profiles insulation of the system has also further been increased.


Bella system is compatible with all the other Deceuninck systems. More aesthetic appearance can be achieved in the openings by using the auxiliary profiles to the system. All roller shutters, fly screens, and louver shutters can be attached to the Bella window and door applications.

Frame Profile
Sash Profile
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