Privacy Policy

Customer privacy is of the most importance to us. SOHOM is very much pleased to
serve you and for that, SOHOM assures you that your privacy protection is at the
highest concern to us. Any information provided by the customer to SOHOM will
completely be kept private and will not be shared by any third person/party,
until and unless SOHOM is requested to do that by the customer. SOHOM
assures you that any information collected by us will be through lawful and fair
means, and will only be collected with the complete knowledge or consent of
the customer concerned and all the information regarding the collection of the
information will be provided to the customer by us. Whether you are a customer
or a visitor of our site, SOHOM assures you that no personal information will be
collected by us other than the information that is provided to us by you. SOHOM
also assures that no cookies are used to track the behavior of the website
visitor. For any suggestions or complaints please feel free to contact us.

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