SOHOM Bi-fold uPVC door/window consists of two or more amazingly flexible panels which can be fully or partially opened or completely closed, depending on the amount of space required. Once fully opened, doors stack neatly to one side creating valuable additional space and open plan living. Bi-fold uPVC doors will create a smooth transition from living room to terrace, balcony or garden, as required. Bi-fold uPVC doors are perfect for people who enjoy the outdoors and desire to incorporate this passion into their every day inside living, without losing the enjoyment of their home.

The bi-folding door has become a very popular choice over the past few years. The traditional patio door or conservatory door has always been a single panel system, or alternatively a French door. A French door has 2 openers which open to either side in order to create a fully open aperture whereas the bi-folding door takes this one step further by offering a fully retractable system which can be customized up to 10 meters wide.

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