uPVC sliding doors manufacturers in Andhra Pradesh

uPVC sliding doors manufacturers in Andhra Pradesh

SOHOM was initiated in 2008. Since additionally, we're excellent in top uPVC sliding doors manufacturers in Andhra Pradesh. We've been manufacturing high-quality uPVC doors and windows systems with the advantage of Deceuninck uPVC profile systems. Deceuninck is one of the world’s largest and leading uPVC profile manufacturers. The products we manufacture sustain long and necessitate truly low-maintenance. sohom sliding doors are the perfect counterpart to your home’s uniqueness and the adornment you're creating. Reliable safety, high durability , and easy assignment are precisely a part of the intimate story of how sohom has transformed an analytic idea into a great sliding door for every household style.

We're the significant aluminium frame uPVC sliding doors manufacturers in Andhra Pradesh. uPVC or PVCu is a form of plastic called as Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. It's a long-lasting structure material shifted for painted wood. It's also known as strict PVC. The material is hard and not adaptable. It's a resistant form of PVC. Stylish and Tailored UPVC sliding doors are actually compact and use little space. They offer an actually modern feel when compared to normal doors. Sohom specializes in delivering modified and various range uPVC window and door solutions The doors are actually indeed to handle since they're enough expressed above the track. This also prevents the dirt from settling in the track.

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Open Style Sliding
Brand Sohom
Usage/Application Any interface between rooms and outside and interfaces between two rooms within house
Thickness Of Glass 5 to 22 mm
Type Residential
Position Interior, Exterior
Profile thickness Class B i.e. 2.5 +
Lock Single And Multi Locking Options
Size Minimum Width 3 Feet

Our sliding doors sash come slightly raised above the aluminum-clad track for smooth sliding. This will also prevent dust from settling down in the track.

  • Living Rooms, Bedrooms And Kitchens.
  • Large/Tall Openings Like Balconies & Living Rooms.
  • High Rise Buildings Which Experience High Velocity Winds.
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