uPVC casement doors manufacturers in India

uPVC casement doors manufacturers in India

Being in the fenestration industry for further than a decade,Sohom are elegant World-Class uPVC casement doors manufacturers in India. Established ourselves as the leading manufacturers of the best high-quality windows and doors in India. Established in 2008, we're committed to supply premium quality products to our legions of clients. The products we manufacture last long requiring low maintenance. We offer custom-made products fulfilling the client’s necessaries and requirements.uPVC is one of the most beautiful polymers, it also offers a valid amount of desirable flexibility. These casement doors will appear classy in any structure! materials used are eco-friendly and decomposable as well.

We're the top manufacturers of the largest uPVC casement doors manufacturers in India. There's no door that looks and functions as good as SOHOM's casement doors. These aluminium uPVC casement windows are manufactured specifically for larger openings. These doors are adjoined by multiple sashes in a truly solitary mechanism. Our top casement doors come in a diversity of colours and are fabricated using expensive quality raw materials.


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Material UPVC
Open Style Hinged
Size 6 Feet * 4 Feet
Glass Thickness 4 - 40 mm
Surface Finish Color Coated
Sealing Silicon Sealing
Termite Resistance Yes
Corrosion Free Yes
Thermal Resistance Yes
Wind Proof Yes

The casement doors are cent percent secure and insulated. They are very durable and resistant to heat and termites. The products possess wonderful thermal and acoustic insulation. They even come with a multi-point locking mechanism for extra security

  • Options Available: Inward Opening And Outward Opening.
  • High Quality Hardware Does Not Rust Despite Sustained Exposure To The Elements.
  • Friction Hinges Stay Open At Any Angle In The Face Of High-Speed Winds. No Window Stoppers Required.
  • Locks At Several Points Across The Window For Security And Better Sealing.
  • Shoot Bolts Ensure That Windows Cannot Be Opened From The Outside.
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