Sliding Upvc Doors

Sliding Upvc Doors

Explore our wide range of SLIDING UPVC DOORS and get ready to have your mind blown!

At Sohom, we strive not only to serve the needs of our customers but deliver outstanding uPVC-based windows and door sliding systems that are ahead of their time. uPVC is a plastic material widely used in the construction of doors, windows, and pipes. It is popular for its durability, low maintenance, and versatility. Additionally, it is a cheaper and cleaner alternative to wood, ensuring that our carbon footprint is minimal. Some of our world-class offerings include Lift and slide Systems, Bi-Fold Systems, Casement Doors and Windows, and Sliding Doors and Windows.

The uPVC we use is from Deceuninck uPVC profile systems which is currently used in 75-plus countries worldwide. These products undergo many levels of rigorous quality checks to ensure they deliver top-notch performance and an extended life cycle. All the SLIDING UPVC DOORS we design feature high insulation values for better energy performance and longevity.

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