Sliding and folding door dealers in India

Sliding and folding door dealers in India

For people who are searching for best aluminiumSliding and folding door dealers in India, SOHOM is the perfect choice. SOHOM was established in 2008. Having more than a decade’s experience in this field, SOHOM has been providing wonderful services to legions of customers. We are the leading dealers of sophisticated sliding doors and windows systems. All of our products are prepared according to the European standards.Slide and Fold Doors are used mostly in large open zones to appear like a virtual wall. The door is a gathering of multiple frames which has motionless or moving frames. These doors can be opened on both side such as inside as well as on the outside

Being the prime dealers in Top Sliding and folding doors in India, we are committed to quality. uPVC or PVCu is a form of plastic called as Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. This is a long-lasting building material. Top UPVC sliding doors are very compact and use a much lesser space when compared to normal doors. A folding door is a type of door which opens by folding back in sections called panels.


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Handle Type System integrated
Glass Type 5 to 12 mm single or laminated glass or upto 24 mm double glass unit
Door Design Folding sliding in different configurations
Door Open Style Slide & Fold
Color White,Nut Tree,Golden Oak,Black Cherry,Ash Black
Design Customized
Open Style Casement
Brand Sohom
Usage/Application Openable outside or inside
Frame Design Multi Chamber steel reinforced double gasket
Frame Material TPX stabilized for UV resistance
Frame Color White, Nut Tree, Golden Oak, Black cherry and metallic

Folding doors are also known as ‘bi-fold doors', though they have more than two panels. These doors come with heat and sound insulation. They are also resistant to wind and moisture.

  • Living Rooms, Bedrooms And Kitchens
  • Large/Tall Openings Like Balconies & Living Rooms.
  • High Rise Buildings Which Experience High Velocity Winds.
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