Plastic Door And Window Manufacturers

Plastic Door And Window Manufacturers

Looking to score the services of a reputed plastic door and window manufacturer?

SOHOM is the right choice for you. Founded in 2008, we started our journey in the timber industry specialising and door and window systems for homes, offices, and other commercial setups. Over time, we moved on to the usage of uPVC and plastic-based products for our doors and windows since it is environment-friendly and has greater durability than regular wood products over time. We source our input materials from Deceuninck uPVC; it is an internationally acclaimed manufacturer of uPVC with a footprint in 90-plus countries for various home-building applications. These products adhere to European quality standards while offering a unique range of colours, builds, and quality to suit the taste of every possible customer. As one of the most sought-after plastic door and window manufacturer in India, we take pride in providing our customers with a wide array of world-class products to meet their aspirations for a dream home.

What sets us aside as a market-leading plastic door and window manufacturer is our mastery of the craft so that each carefully the engineered product can deliver the highest levels of satisfaction to our clients every time.


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