Bottom hung casement window in Andhra Pradesh

Bottom hung casement window in Andhra Pradesh

SOHOM was inaugurated in the year 2008. Since also we've been furnishing excellent Bottom hung casement window in Andhra Pradesh. We're the top manufactures of a wide range of valuable quality uPVC windows and doors. The window and door systems we design and manufacture have high isolation values leading to long life and demand very low preservation.

We're the chief manufacturers of Bottom hung casement window in Andhra Pradesh. The main feature of a bottom- hung window is that they take actually little space to open. These windows deliver a constant rush of air and don't intrude in the room where they're suited. These windows are extremely adaptable and light to fit.

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Material UPVC
Open Style Hinged
Size 6 Feet * 4 Feet
Glass Thickness 4 - 40 mm
Surface Finish Color Coated
Sealing Silicon Sealing
Termite Resistance Yes
Corrosion Free Yes
Thermal Resistance Yes
Wind Proof Yes

SOHOM bottom-hung windows provide good ventilation be it either a residential or commercial building. For people who find heights difficult to reach top-hung windows, SOHOM bottom-hung windows are the ideal alternative.

  • Security: security and anti-theft performance is excellent.
  • Easy to clearing: Makes it easy and safe to clean
  • Practicability: Avoid the interior space occupied
  • Good sealing and heat insulation performance
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