Zendow Series

Zendow system has been designed for perfection and high performance. Prioritizing simplicity and aesthetics, the Zendow system harmonizes perfectly with your place’s architecture as well as its decoration. The warm and soft lines bear the traces of both classical and modern styles.

Zendow system adds value to your place and increases your comfort and ease. It has been designed bearing in mind perfect insulation, maximum acoustics, and safety features, it provides unique protection that keeps all places healthy and suitable for the weather.


Excellent Insulation

Zendow system has a perfect performance in terms of heat insulation with its 5-chamber design and its width of 70 mm. The heat transmission coefficient of the system has been determined as 1.4-1.5 W/m²K.

Acoustic Perfection

In today’s noisy living spaces, acoustics insulation of places is significantly important. Zendow system accommodates double-walled gaskets that provide better sound insulation compared to hand laid seals. Moreover, PVC’s existing insulation features and the multi-layered structure of the Zendow system transforms even the busiest and loud places that require maximum acoustic insulation into a perfect living space.

Natural Ventilation

Even the best-insulated homes require special measures to provide sufficient ventilation. Zendow system is also fully compatible with a natural ventilation system that reduces the risk of odor allergies, CO poisoning, condensation, and mold growth.

Additional Security

Zendow system is reinforced with galvanized steel that provides high security against incidents of theft. The system is also compatible with all security type hardware.

Thanks to its perfect design and aesthetics, the Zendow system is easily compatible with the styles of your place. The system has been considered for compatibility to the finest detail in mind.

With more than 100 products to choose from within the Zendow system, it provides you the most effective solutions in specific details.

Various glass thickness can be used in the Zendow system. There are 11 different glass thickness options available in the system (20mm, 24mm, 28-29mm, 4-5mm, 12mm, etc.).

Zendow system, in terms of color, has benefited from the substantial experience and therefore provides solutions that are pleasing to all tastes.

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