Everest Max Series

With the Everest Max product range, it is possible to maintain perfect insulation, comfort, and elegance without overstraining the budgets.

Everest Max system is 60mm wide and designed with 4 chambers and 2 gaskets. The use of TPE gaskets has the advantage of seals on the corners and thus provides perfect insulation.

This system has a wide range of products with 90mm and 150mm sash profiles, expansion and interconnecting profiles, angular corners, 90°, and 135° angle corners, drain boards, aluminum thresholds, various finishing profiles, and recess profiles. Optimizing and minimizing the height of door sash and outward opening door sash, area of the glass surface, in other words maximizing view area. Everest Max’s system has different profile options, such as Ev. Max frame that may generate solutions for different details.

Ev. Max has a unique design that speeds up water drainage. The system enables fast production of special window styles such as folded, parallel sliding, outward opening windows. Latch lock systems that are recommended for safety are applicable to the system. Ev. Max system is compatible with all the other systems.

Profiles in Ev. Max system follow TS 5358 EN 12608 standards.

Frame Profile
Sash Profile
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