SOHOM was initiated in the year 2008. For more than a decade, we have been providing premium quality products of Window roller shutter in Andhra Pradesh. We are the prime manufactures of a variety of high quality windows and doors. Our products are made according to the European standards. The window and door systems designed and manufactured by us are bound to have high insulation values leading to wonderful rigidity. The products last long and can be easily maintained.

Window roller shutter in Andhra Pradesh

We are the major producers of Window roller shutter in Andhra Pradesh. Roller shutters operate by rolling up or down. Advanced side guides are fitted onto the sides of the windows. Adhering to the best European building design standards, these window roller shutters have been specially designed to prevent intruders attempting forced entries. This roller shutter is very durable and rigid. The roller shutter, during summer, prevents the heat from entering your home through your windows and in winter prevents the warmth from escaping out your windows.

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