Everyone wishes to build their dream house, some wish for a swanky house with all the features and amenities while others wish to keep it simple, some wish to be on top of world in a Highrise while others wish for a house in a cool and calm neighborhood. In the same way, one of SOHOM’s most prestigious customers was on his way to make his dream come true. In 2015, Mr. Chamundeshwar Nath, during the construction of his house, had approached SOHOM with a unique and challenging requirement. Mr. Nath needed SOHOM’s services to install unique and beautiful uPVC doors and windows in his new house. His requirement was challenging in both design and delivery time. He needed uPVC windows and doors with color profiles which matched the interiors of his house. Also, some of these uPVC doors and windows spanned wide and long, way beyond their limits. Along with such complicated specifications, these uPVC doors and windows had to be installed in a very compact timeframe. The task ahead SOHOM was very challenging, but possible.

SOHOM quickly sent its survey team to the site of installation to analysis the situation and inspect the site. Upon analysis and inspection, the survey team found some of the window openings to be unqualified for uPVC installation. Minor alterations were made to the openings after which the necessary qualifications were achieved. The next challenge was to fabricate such wide and long windows and doors with such complicated specifications in a very limited time frame. Quickly, SOHOM’s skilled and experienced production team started working on the project. The windows and doors were designed keeping in mind all the necessary specifications. Extra thick reinforcements and special hardware which would support the wide and long doors and windows were arranged from SOHOM’s trusted vendors which were then used to fabricate the doors and windows. The entire fabrication process was carried out with utmost precision. Soon after the completion of the fabrication process, the newly fabricated doors and windows were conveyed to the site of installation and SOHOM’s trained and qualified installation team commenced the installation process. The uPVC doors and windows were installed quickly but carefully following all the standard procedures and also maintaining the compact timeframe they had. Each and every aspect of the entire process was carefully scheduled and implemented.

The end result was simply stunning. Mr. Nath was truly amazed. The windows and doors not only looked beautiful, but also enhanced the richness and feel of the adobe. SOHOM had served its customer with the highest professionalism and excellence. The most important challenge of this project was its very short time frame and this challenge was successfully mastered leaving no room for any error.

“SOHOM helped me make my dream house” ~ Chamundeshwar Nath