New Slide Sliding Series

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New Slide sliding systems have been designed to provide easier access to the areas where they lead to and also a wider viewpoint.

With the New Slide window system viewpoint has been aimed for whereas with the New Slide door systems strength has been aimed for. In the design of the New Slide system, insulation has been the forefront. Many profiles and auxiliary materials within the system have been specially designed by targeting insulation. Interlocking and joining profiles are equipped with TPE seals to ensure insulation.

The New Slide system offers many solutions such as sliding frame, sliding frame with flyscreen track, three track sliding frame and fixed sliding frame. In this system two types of Sliding sash profiles are available according to window/door detail.

New slide system can be combined with other systems such as Everest max and Zendow systems by using auxiliary profiles. Moreover, with aluminium interlocking profiles, resistance against wind loads and making wider dimension windows are ensured. These aluminium profiles also complement the joinery from an aesthetical point of view.

All Profile systems are in compliance with TS 5358 EN 12608 standards.

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Similar to the Bella Sliding series, the New Slide sliding series is also classified as N. Slide Window system and N. Slide Door system. While the frame profiles remain the same, the sash profiles differ for both the systems.

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