Initiated in the year 2008, SOHOM has been the prime manufacturer of Louvers and Flyscreens windows in India.We manufacture a broad-spectrum of high quality windows and doors. SOHOM Deceuninck uPVC Doors & Windows Systems are manufactured using European standards. The products we deal with are heatproof, fireproof, soundproof and have high thermal insulation.  We are the leading manufacturers of Louvers and Flyscreens windows in India.

Louvers and Flyscreens windows in India

A Louvre window is also known as a Jalousie window. Many people have a common misconception about louvre windows thinking that they fit only commercial buildings and are difficult to clean and maintain. The truth is louvre windows offer wonderful aesthetic and practical benefits to residences and are much easier to clean when compared to normal windows. These windows can be used for everything starting from outdoor sun porches to throughout a home. Fly Screens are generally installed with windows to avoid unnecessary foreign things like dirt, mud and insects enter home. The flyscreen generally helps you to keep your window open at all times with only the fresh cool breeze entering your home.


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