SOHOM are the leading manufacturers of Casement doors and windows in India .We have high quality Casement windows and doors in India. Established in 2008, we are committed to timely service, good quality and custom made products. The products we manufacture endure long and require very low maintenance. We offer tailor made products satisfying the customer’s needs and requirements.

Casement doors and windows in India

We are the top manufacturers of Casement doors and windows in India. There is nothing that looks and functions as good as SOHAM’s casement doors and windows. These uPVC casement doors are designed for larger openings and are adjoined by multiple sashes in a unique mechanism. Our casement doors and windows come in a wide range of colors and are manufactured using high quality raw materials. The casement doors and windows are completely secure and insulated. They are very durable and resistant to heat and moisture. The products possess excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. They even come with a multi-point locking mechanism for enhanced security.

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