Just imagine, you are living in your beautiful house for quite some years now and back then, during the construction of your present day house, you had installed doors and windows, maybe wooden or aluminum or uPVC. Now, present day, you are considering to replace all the doors and windows in your house for various reasons. The reasons maybe, the doors and windows may have lost their functionality, or maybe you are having your house renovated, or maybe your doors and windows just don’t look elegant or beautiful anymore. There may be multiple reasons for you to consider replacing your doors and windows. Similarly, in the summers of 2016 and in following 2017, some house owners had considered replacing the doors and windows of their houses. They had approached SOHOM with a challenging situation. They needed SOHOM’s help in providing them with a service which included all the necessary processes required to be executed in order to completely replace an old window with a new one. These processes included the removal of the existing old window or door, curing and plastering of the window or door opening to make it ready for new installation and finally installation of the new doors and windows. The customers were looking for someone who could provide them with the complete replacement service instead of different service providers for each service which would consume their precious time and efforts. SOHOM had quickly grabbed the wonderful opportunity and was up for the challenge.

SOHOM quickly sent its survey team to the site of installation to assess the situation and inspect the site. The site was then qualified for installation. Now, the challenge ahead SOHOM was to execute the removal and curing services. For this the workers had to be specially trained so as to perform the removal and curing tasks. By developing actual workplace scenarios, the workers were trained. Both theoretical and practical training was provided to the workers. Developing the training manuals was one of the most challenging tasks. The entire manual for the training, both theoretical and practical, was indigenously developed by SOHOM’s talented and professional engineers. After the completion of the training process, teams were sent to the site and the removal task had been commenced. The removal process was executed in a professional manner. The old doors and windows were removed as per the standards. After the removal, the curing process was executed and all the openings were plastered perfectly and made ready for new installation. Both the removal and curing services were performed in a skilled and professional way and all standards were achieved. After the completion of removal and curing processes, the doors and windows were quickly fabricated and installed.

SOHOM’s customers were very happy and delighted and couldn’t wait to see their new doors and windows installed in their house. They were also very thankful to SOHOM and its team to have provided them with such unique services. SOHOM had aced every challenge and had proved its dedication towards customer satisfaction.

“SOHOM has provided us with a complete replacement solution and high quality uPVC windows” ~ Ravi Kumar

“Best products and services at best price” ~ K Ravindra